Stories of God's Goodness: Part 3

July 23, 2019

A Lutheran church in New Jersey asked me (Pastor Kristin) if I would share about God's work that is happening here in Senegal with their Vacation Bible School program this summer. 


So, like any good Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) coordinator, I asked the current Senegal YAGM to help me share the stories and ways they have witnessed God at work for good over this past year in Senegal. 


There are five videos total.  This is Video Part 3:  When life Changes, We Trust in God.


In today's video, you get to hear from one of the YAGMG Gnilane's host sister's Saly Faye, who will share about her experience of moving to a new town so that she could go to high school.


I saw Saly last week, when I visited YAGM Rachel O's host family, and she told me the good news we had all been waiting for.  She passed her end of high school exam - the BAC!!!!  The Senegalese education system is based on the french system, so every student who seeks a high school degree, must pass this incredibly hard, week-long test in order to receive a high school diploma. 


Congratulations Saly!!  Roog a fela (God is good.)  Que Dieu te benisse!




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Pastor Kristin Engstrom is the Country Coordinator for the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program in Senegal.  Each year, young adults from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America join her in Senegal, where they serve for one year with our partners in the Lutheran Church of Senegal and Senegalese Lutheran Development Services.  

You can support Pastor Kristin's work by giving through ELCA Global Church Sponsorship.

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